Talking Animals


A: Do animals talk to each other?
B: Of course they talk to each other.
A: What do they talk about?
B: They talk about other animals.
A: What else do they talk about?
B: They talk about food and the weather.
A: Do they talk about us?
B: Of course they talk about us.
A: What do they say about us?
B: They say that we are funny-looking.
A: Ha! We’re not funny-looking; animals are funny-looking.
B: We’re funny-looking because we wear clothes.



A Bad Boyfriend

A: I’m upset with my mom.
B: Why is that?
A: I warned her about her new boyfriend. She didn’t listen to me.
B: What happened?
A: I gave her $1,000 for her birthday. I told her to spend it on herself.
B: That was very nice of you.
A: I found out that she gave it to her new boyfriend.
B: Why did she do that?
A: He said he would buy her a nice ring.
B: What’s wrong with that?
A: He went to Las Vegas. He lost it all gambling.
B: I hope your mom broke up with him.


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