Speaking Help for Beginners

These pages will help you with speaking skills including pronunciation and basic dialogues that you can follow for role-playing.

Basic English Conversations

Basic English conversations help beginning learners build basic English skills. Each conversation group includes a few short conversations introducing basic English phrases. These short dialogues are ideal as models for beginners to begin speaking English.

Shopping for a Sweater

1.              Can I help you?

2.              Yes, I'm looking for a sweater.

1.              What size are you?

2.              I'm an extra large.

1.              How about this one?

2.              Yes, that's nice. Can I try it on?

1.              Certainly, there's the changing rooms over there.

2.              Thank you.

1.              How does it fit?

2.              It's too large. Do you have a large?

1.              Yes, here you are.

2.              Thank you. I'll have it, please.

1.              OK, how would you like to pay?

2.              Do you take credit cards?

1.              Yes, we do. Visa, Master Card and American Express.

2.              OK, here's my Visa.

1.              Thank you. Have a nice day!

Thank you, goodbye
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