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   Name :                                          In the name of the most high                        Date:

   Class                                                     Final exam of book 2                            Time:


                               Note: Write all the answers on the answer sheet.



Fill in the blanks with the missing letters.

A.B. They are going to b-ild a lang-age lab in our high school.

C.D. Jack h-rt his thumb when he was playing with a ham-er.

E.F. He jum-ed out of bed and saw a r-und box at the corner of the room.

G.H. This med-c-ne will cure your si-kness.

  I.J.  It se-med that the other side would always be a s-cret.

K.L. The purpo-e of small talk is to let both people agr-e on something.




I. Vocabulary:

A: Fill in the blanks with the words given. There is one extra word.

( picked up- lit up suitable-reason- behavior -mountain-population-muscles-mixed up)

1.                  Which is the highest--------------in the world?

2.                  The student--------------the book and read it carefully.

3.                  He is completely ----------------.He can’t find out this math problem.

4.                  Greeting is a part of our social--------------------.

5.                  Their garden was --------------by several colored lamps.

6.                  For some -------------they can’t give us an answer until next week.

7.                  Riding bicycle is good for the leg------------------.

8.                  Tokyo is a crowded city. It’s got a large --------------------.



B: Find the synonym of the under line words.

9.                  You look very attractive in that lovely dress.                   a. return

10.              I completely forget  that it was your birthday.                 b. travel

11.              I am going to the shop, I’ll come back soon.                   c. beautiful

12.              The children started to giggle at the joke.                         d. perfectly                          

                                                                                                       e. laugh

C: find the antonym of the under line words.

      13. The two countries now live in peace.                                a. borrow

      14. He didn’t lend me his car.                                                  b. dry

      15. The grass was wet after the rain.                                       c. terrible

      16. He hates driving at nights.                                                 d. war

                                                                                                        e. loves




 D: Fill in the blank with a proper word of your own.


     17. Tehran is the ------------of Iran.

     18. A-----------is an animal which is very funny and make us laugh.

     19. A-----------is a person who types letters, answers the telephone in an office.

     20. Factories which make cars are called--------------.




choose the correct answer

    21. Most of the times hiccups ------------ only for a short time.

        a. mind             b. lend              c. jerk               d. last

    22. Children --------------on their parents for food and clothing.

        a. receive          b. require          c. change         d. depend

    23. Don’t -------------the dish.  It’s very hot.

        a. forget            b. cost               c. touch           d. hate    

    24. We arrived at the station late, so we ------------ the train.

        a. missed           b. thought         c. paid attention         d. got mixed up





II:  Grammar: choose the correct answer.


     25. -------------- sky is blue and -------------- sun is shinning.

         a. the, _             b.___,___           c. a, a              d. the , the

     26. We will go on a trip If the weather ------------ sunny tomorrow.

         a. was                b. is                    c. be                d. will be

     27. I didn’t  ask -------------to help me.

         a. no one           b. some body         c. any body           d. no body

     28. Is this your pen? No, it isn’t ------------

         a. my                 b. mine              c. your             d. yours      




Fill in the blank with a proper word of your own.


    29. He ------------ his teeth before he went to bed ( brush)

    30. Children like ------------- cartoons on Fridays (watch)

    31. He would help poor people if he ------------ a lot of money (have)

    32. Would you mind ------------- the window? Not at all (open)




Put the words in the correct order.


    33. isn’t – water – in – glass – there – any – the

    34. had – her book – was – Mary  – upset – lost – she – because



Look at the pictures and answer the question.

    35. What would happen if the man didn’t walk carefully?                   Fall down  

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