English for Children

21. Her Doll Is Like Her Sharonis four years old. She is pretty. She has a doll. It is pretty. Sharonhas blonde hair. The doll has blonde hair. Sharon has short hair. Thedoll has long hair. Sharon gets a pair of scissors. She cuts the doll’slong hair. She finishes. Now the doll has short hair too. 22. A Fork, Spoon, Plate, and Carrot He picks up his fork. He picks up his spoon. He hits the plate with his fork. He hits the plate with his spoon. His mom says Stop. He stops. His mom puts a carrot on the plate. He looks at the carrot. He picks up the spoon. He hits the carrot with the spoon.   23. She Sees a Worm Theworm crawls on the ground. It crawls slowly. She watches it. She picksit up. It wiggles in her hand. She puts it in her mouth. It wiggles inher mouth. She takes it out of her mouth. She puts it back on theground. It crawls into a hole. 24. He Talks to Mom The phone rings. He hears the ringing. He picks up the phone. He says hello. The other person says hello. The other person is his mom. She talks to him. He talks to her. She finishes talking. She says goodbye. He says goodbye. They hang up. He waits. The phone rings again. 25. Car in a Car Wash She sits in the car. Her dad drives the car. He drives to a car wash. The car goes through the car wash. Water sprays onto the car. Soap sprays onto the car. Soft brushes scrub the car. More water sprays onto the car. The car is clean. Men dry the car with clean rags. The car is dry

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