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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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طرح درس ششم زبان اول نظری بخش دوم
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱۱:۳٠ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/۱٢/٢٦

   Lesson 6 -  English Book One                                                       

  BY:Mohammad  Heidari Chegeni  (KhorramAbad )                                                         

SESSION: Two / Time :90 min

       Subject: Reading Section  of Lesson Six ( The Boy Who made Steam Work )

 Objectives: To teach students how to skim for main idea of the passage- identify key words

Prior knowledge: Students have become familiar with the new words of the lesson.

Materials: Reading text on pages71 & 72 of the book( The Boy Who made Steam Work), the board, a handout



















5  min

Asking some questions from new words of lesson 6.


Introducing the topic.


Activating schema for the reading


Listening and answering questions about new words.


Restating some sentences containing those new words.

T            Ss


T= teacher



Preparing students


for reading passage

(new lesson)





10  min

 Asking a question such as this: “Do you know James Watt?”

Introducing James Watt.


Asking students to name some other famous inventors.


Calling out answer to teacher’s questions.


Asking and Answering each other




Ss          T


Arousing interest


Focusing attention







60 min

Presenting the reading text ( in English as much as possible. )


 providing some explanations about the text.( not all details)

 Reading aloud .

 Letting students ask questions if they have any.

 Checking Understanding

( randomly and orally).

 Asking questions on  pages 72  & 73  from each group and individual students.

Responding to questions.


Silent reading


Discussing the whole meaning in groups




Answering questions orally.

Answering questions on  pages 72  & 73 

Summarizing the text in groups.








T      Ss



 S  S

Getting students

to read the passage quickly to get the overall meaning.


Being able to retell (rewrite) the text in their own words.




10  min

Asking students what they have learned.

Questions like these can be used: " Who was James Watt?”

Giving  handout  to the students


Telling what they have learned


Answering the desired questions.


Filling in the handout.




Ss        T


Reminding students what they have learned and why.




5  min

To reinforce some concepts, the teacher may use some extra activities.



Interacting with each other about the teacher’s question/s.


S      S

S      Ss


Developing pupils’

metacognitive awareness