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Website Value Calculator سؤالات درس : زبان انگلیسی ( 1 ) - آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

بانک سوالات دبیرستان و پیش دانشگاهی . مکالمه . مقالات . آپدیت روزانه Nod 32

سؤالات درس : زبان انگلیسی ( 1 )
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱۱:٤٢ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٢/٦

سؤالات درس :  زبان انگلیسی ( 1 )   

دوره ی پیش دانشگاهی

دانش آموزان و داوطلبان آزاد در نیم سال اول سال تحصیلی 87  ـ 1386





I . vocabulary :

A : Fill in the blanks with the words given . there is one extra word .








1. children usually have a flexible body . they can …….. their toes easily .

2. some earthquakes are so light that only special ……….. can record their  movements .   

3. the music was so loud that ……….. him from his work .

4. My father smoke a lot . Im a bit ………. about his health .

5. Can you give me a ……… that the work will be completed by the end of the week ?

6. She knows that she has lost , but she is too ……… to accept it .





a. firmly.

b. populated

c. calm

d. recycle

e. fat 



B: Match The definitions in column ( A ) with the words in column   ( B ) . there is one extra word in column ( B ) .







7. a white / yellow material under the skin .

8. in a strong way .

9. change old materials to use them again .

10. full of people .




C : choose the correct answer .

11. Aerobic exercise is any kind of ………… that makes muscles use oxygen.

a. basis               b. activity            c. chemical               d. gym

12. The northern part of our country has got a wet ……………….

a. planet             b. climate             c. habit                     d. height

13. The child ate the apple and threw its ………….. on the floor .

a. source            b. surface              c. core                      d. metal

14. Ahmad ………….. his bicycle against the wall and then entered the shop.

a. raised             b. moved              c. leaned                  d. ignored




A: choose the correct answer.

15. the program was very funny . It really made us ………… .

a. laugh                   b. laughs                  c. laughing              d. to laugh

16. Acid rain …………. by burning of gas , oil and coal destroys forests .

a. create                    b. creating               c. created                 d. which created

17. you can improve your English by ………. a lot of reading .

a. doing                  b. do                        c. does                     d. to do

18. She allowed her daughter ……….. late last night .

a. sleeps                  b. slept                    c. sleep                    d. to sleep



B: Rewrite the following sentences using the reduced form of the under lined parts .

19. the books which were written about global warming become very popular.

20. the cars that make a lot of noise pollution must be stopped by the police .



C: Join the following sentences with the words given in parentheses .

21. we live near the sea . we can often go swimming . ( since )

22. I heard the news on radio . I was driving home . ( as )



D : Fill in the blanks with so , such ( a – an ) , too and enough in the following sentences .

23. They were …………. old women that they couldnt hear a word of what I said .

24. some instructions were …………….. difficult that we couldnt understand them .

25. that car isnt big …………… for us to go in .

26. My brother is …………… short to reach the apple on the tree.



III.Sentence Function

Match the items in column ( A ) with the appropriate phrases in column ( B ) to make meaningful sentences . there is one extra item in column ( B )



a. It can hurt our health

b. your body uses the extra fuel to keep you strong

c. to add excitement to your speech .

d. know emergency telephone  number .

e. but there are many little things we can make difference











27. use your nervousness ……….

28. Before an earthquake ………..

29. Global warming may be a big problem ……….

30. when you exercise …………..











A: sentence comprehension : Read the following sentences and choose the correct choice .


 31. you can add variety to your speech by lowering or raising your voice . According to the above sentence while giving a speech …………

a. change the speed of your words .

b. choose suitable clothes .

c. decrease or increase the volume of your tone of speech .

d. use pauses and silences.


32. Exercising is an excellent way to feel happy, whether you are exercising on your own or with a group . If you have had a hard day at school, or just feel unhappy , exercising can help you feel better .  

According to the above sentence if you are unhappy …………….  

a. youd better exercise with a group to help yourself feel happy .

b. the best way to feel happy is to exercise on your own .

c. the reason is that you have had a hard day at school .

d. exercising is the best way to make you feel happy  .


33. An earthquake could hit any place because no area is entirely free of earthquake .

According to the above sentence …………….

a. there are no need to worry about earthquake .

b. earthquakes happen in some certain areas .  

c. earthquakes can happen everywhere at any time .

d. there are some areas that are free of earthquakes entirely .



B : cloze passage:

Fill in the blanks with the words from the list below . there is one extra word .

















Every time you eat food , your body does the same thing . It uses some of the nutrients in the Food as ……………. . It burns these nutrients to give us ………….. or calories . you need calories for all of your bodys ……………. . whether it is things you think about doing , like …………. your teeth or things you never think about , like …………… . But if the body isnt able to use all the calories that are coming from food , it ……………… them as fat .




C : Read the following passage and match each paragraph with one of the headings ( main idea ) . write letter ( A , B , C , D ) in front of the numbers of the paragraphs .

( A ) kinds of writing

( B ) effective communication by using writing skills

( C ) writing skills

( D ) what is writing

40. Writing is an ancient art and a modern necessity. It first began with marks on stones. Today we use pen and pencils on paper. These are now our main tools for writing. These tools can be bought by anyone; however, the ability to use them to express ideas cannot be bought. It must be learned through practice.

41. A person needs several writing skills before he can express himself well. The most important of these are correct grammar, sentence patterns, punctuation and capitalization. Without these, it is very difficult to communicate with others in writing. The way we put words together is the main thing that tells other people what we are thinking about.

42. One of the most useful and most common forms of communication is letters. We all like to hear from our friends, our brothers and sisters, and our parents . We also like to write to them about ourselves, our experiences, and many other things . Letters are a very practical form of writing and one in which we can use any kind of writing that we want . usually , however , we write narratives , descriptions or explanations .

43. You will sometimes find that these three kinds of writing are combined with each other . Descriptive writing , for example , may form an important part of a story or of an explanation . Many story tellers like to give descriptions to make their stories seem more exciting and more real . As a person writes narratives stories , descriptions , and explanations , he gradually develops his ability to express himself more clearly . He also finds that he is able to communicate his thoughts and ideas to others more effectively .  






D: Reading Passage

Read the following passage and answer the questions as required.


          All the useful energy at the surface of the earth comes from activity of the sun, the sun heats and feeds mankind . Each year it provides men with two hundred million tons of grain and nearly ten million tons of wood .


          Coal , oil , natural gas and all other fuels are stored – up energy from the sun . Some was collected by this seasons plants as carbon compounds . some was stored by plants and trees ages ago .


         Even water power comes from the sun . Water turned into steam by the sun falls as rain . It runs down the mountains and is changed to electric power.


        light transmits only the energy that comes from the suns outer layers and

much of this energy that is directed toward the earth never arrives . About nine – tenths of it absorbed by the atmosphere of the earth . In fact , the earth it self gets only one half – billionth of the suns entire output of radiant energy


44. How much of the suns energy reaches the earth ?

45. The underlined '' it '' in paragraph 1 refers to the ……….

a. earth                    b. sun                 c. energy                   d. activity

46. According to the passage, ………. ten million tons of wood is produced on the earth every year .

a. almost                 b. only                 c. exactly                  d. over

47. Electricity may be the result of …………….

a. water power coming out of the mountain .

b. steam that rises up into the sky .

c. rain water running down the mountain .

d. water pressure that presses down the side atmosphere.

True or False :


48. steam is not a source of energy came from the sun .

a. true                             b. false

49. the atmosphere of the earth doesnt let the entire energy of the sun reach the earth .

a. true                            b. false





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