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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

بانک سوالات دبیرستان و پیش دانشگاهی . مکالمه . مقالات . آپدیت روزانه Nod 32

نمونه سوال سوم نظری
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱٢:٥٧ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/۱/۳٠

    "بسمه تعالی"

"     آموزش و پرورش شهرستان

 نام و نام خانوادگی:                                      زبان انگلیسی سال سوم دبیرستان                               تاریخ امتحان :   

   نام پدر :                                                                    نوبت امتحان:                                              وقت امتحان: 90 دقیقه

           کلاس :                                                     دبیر مربوطه:                                      



A) Spelling : Fill in the blanks with the missing letters . (4)


A.B.TV can have a bad ef--ect  on your eyes--g--t .

C.D.The loss of large are--s of memory oc-- -- rs in some illnesses .

E.F.This po--m does not sti--k in  my  mind .

G.H.Any  s--ci--ty  needs  different  s--rvi--es .


B) Fill in the blanks with the following words (there is one extra word ) . (4)


(briefly - harmful - fashionable-period- choices-preparing–education-painful- completely)


1.  In big cities there are a lot of _________ for people to choose from   .

2. This building must be completed in a _________ of six months .

3. It is important for a country to have a good system  of ___________ .

4. Teachers spend a lot of time __________ lesson plans .

5. Can you remember all the details of a picture you have looked only _________ ?

6. The loss of his best friend was very __________ .

7. We made sure that he was __________  wrong .

8. Wearing sun glasses is _________  these days .


C) Complete the sentences with your own words . (3)


9.   Smoking is _________ in schools and hospitals.

10. The ___________ of milk as a food is very high .

11. The restaurant is open every day __________ Friday .

12. Millions of __________ watch the world cup Football matches all over the word .

13. ___________ is the brain's ability  to keep a record of past events .

14. The taxi driver was __________ for the accident .




D) Fill in the blanks with the correct from of the words in brackets .(3)


15. Mr.Amiri didn't accept Amir's __________ for breaking the window(explain)

16. We forgot to measure the __________ of the room .(long)

17. She answered all my questions ___________ (honest)

18. A good runner has ___________ legs. (power)

19. After a long __________ we decided not to sell the car .(discuss)

20. A pilot should do this job with great __________ .(care)


E) Choose the correct answer . (3)

21. Have the mechanic fixed the car ? No , he _________  it tomorrow .

a) could fix                   b)has fixed                      c)is going to fix            d)fixed


22.He tried to avoid _____________ my question .

a) to answer                 b)answering                    c)answers                     d)answer


23.They were very sorry ___________ the accident .

a) in                               b)at                                  c)of                               d)about


24. Has he given back the books ? Yes , he has given ____________ .

a) it back                       b)them back                   c)back it                      d)back them


25.I've lost my keys . I've looked ____________ them everywhere .

a) up                              b)after                              c)at                              d)for


26. Reza is very different __________  his brother .

a) from                           b) with                             c) of                             d)to



F) Complete  the sentences . (2)


27. What did the  teacher ask  you to do ?

      I don't remember what __________________ .


28. Finding a job here is very difficult .

      It is  ______________________ .


G) Put the words in correct order . (2)


29. Wake - tried - before - them - I - to - up - seven

30. know - Ali - yesterday - where - you - do - went ?


H) Look at the pictures and answer the questions . (2)


31. what has made Ali tired ?


32. What is Mr.Amiri going to do ?



I) Which word has a different pronunciation of   "s"  or   "es"    . (2)


33. a)Laughs                          b)hats                         c) bags                    d)not es

34. a)pages                             b)washes                    c) uses                    d)foes



J) Which word is different from the others according to its stress .


35. a) my self                          b)after                           c)happy                    d)wanted

36. a)fourteen                         b)about                         c)mother                  d)ago


K) Language Functions

Match column A with column B  . There is one extra item in B . (4)



                       A                                                                          B



37. What does your sister do at weekends ?           a) Twice a week.

38 . How do you go to work ?                                  b) I was very sorry .

39 . How often do you have English ?                    c) I don't know where he is .

40. What time is the film on ?                                  d) What's your number ?

41. Do you have any hobbies ?                                e) I have heard good news .

42. When is my flight , please ?                               f) Yes , I go swimming .

43. Why are you so happy ?                                     g) there's a show at 6 .

44 . Where is the teacher ?                                       h) I usually  walk .

                                                                                   i) she stays at home .               




L) Read the following sentences and choose the correct answer . (4)


45. We find a far larger number of people with university degrees than there are jobs for them . According to this statement , there are _____________ .

a) enough jobs for educated people              b) jobs for them in universities .

c) not  enough jobs for educated people      d) more jobs for people


46. This education should prepare children for the job he can do best . This means that ___________________ .

a) everyone can do his job well .                  

b) education prepares jobs for every body

c) the aim of education is to prepare persons for their  jobs

d) education can do best for job


47. Dinner times were more relaxed without the pressure of TV this means , without TV , families were relaxed ______________ .

a) after eating dinner                                       b) while eating dinner

c) before dinner time                                       d) until dinner time



48. There are several ways which help people to remember things for a long time . One  of them is over learning .


The word 'them'  refers to ___________ .

a) people                           b)ways                         c) days                    d)things





M) Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the best choice .


I am  learning how to drive a car . A week ago I had my first lesson . Yesterday my teacher took me out on a      49       road .  It was     50__   of cars and people .

I      51___   very slowly and carefully , but I felt        52___   the  whole time .

At last the lesson      53___    and I went home. I felt very       54___    . I have learnt many things , but I have still got a lot to learn . (3)


49. a) rainy                        b)busy                          c) quiet                   d)easy

50. a)full                            b)ashamed                   c) tired                    d)much

51. a)followed                    b)started                      c) kept                    d)drove

52. a)afraid                        b)asleep                       c) sorry                    d)noisy

53. a)learned                     b)visited                       c) corrected            d)finished

54. a)wise                          b)tired                          c) polite                   d)cruel




N) Read the passage and answer the questions . (4)


Mr. Grey was the manager of a small office in London . He lived in the country , and came up to work by train . He liked walking from the station to his office unless it was raining , because it gave him some exercise .  One morning he was walking along the street when a stranger stopped him and said to him . 'You may not remember me , sir , but seven years ago I came to London without a penny in my pockets . I stopped you in this street and asked you to lend me some money , and you lent me five pounds , because you said that you were willing to take a chance so as to give a man a start on the road to success . '

Mr. Grey thought for a few moments and then said , ' Yes , I remember you . Go on with your story .


55. Where did Mr. Gray work?

56. How did he get from his home to his office ?


57. He walked because he was poor .           

 True                            False  


58. He had helped the stranger some years ago  .  

True                            False  



Good Luck : Abbasi