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abide by (something)

- to follow the rules of something

The cleaning staff must abide by the rules of the school.

able to breathe easily again

- to be able to relax and recover from a stressful time or event

My friend was able to breathe easily again when his company did not go bankrupt.

able to do (something) blindfolded

- to be able to do something easily and quickly

The car was easy to fix and we were able to do it blindfolded.

able to do (something) standing on one's head

- to be able to do something easily and quickly

The boy is good at fixing his bicycle. He can do it standing on his head.

able to take a joke

- to be able to let others laugh and joke about you

Our boss is not able to take a joke. We must be careful what we say to him.

about time

- to be something that should have happened earlier

"It is about time that you returned that book to me."

about to (do something)

- to be on the point of doing something

I was about to leave my house when the phone rang.

above all

- mainly, especially

I like adventure movies but above all I love horror movies.

above all else

- most importantly of all

Above all else, I plan to go to the Natural History Museum when I visit the city.

above and beyond

- to be more than is required

The work that the man did on our house was above and beyond what was required.

above reproach

- to be not deserving of blame or criticism

The actions of the police officer were above reproach.

above suspicion

- to be very honest so that nobody will suspect you of doing something wrong

The man's actions are always above suspicion.


- to be forgetful

My grandfather is very absent-minded and he often forgets his keys.

according to Hoyle

- doing something strictly by the rules, doing something the usual and correct way (Hoyle was a writer who was an expert on the rules of card games)

"According to Hoyle, we should not use this room but probably nobody will complain if we do use it."

according to (someone or something)

- as said or told by someone, in agreement with something, in the order of something, in proportion to something

According to our teacher, there will be no class next week.
We did everything according to the terms of the agreement.

account for (something)

- to provide an answer/explanation for something

The bad weather accounts for the fact that only a few people came to the meeting.

acid test

- a test where the conclusions are beyond doubt

The problem was an acid test of our faith in the new manager.

acquire a taste for (something)

- to learn to like something

We acquired a taste for classical music during our trip to Europe.

across the board

- equally for everyone or everything

The taxes have increased across the board and everyone must pay more.

act as a guinea pig

- to allow some kind of test to be performed on someone

I was not happy to act as a guinea pig on the new training material.

act high and mighty

- to act proud and powerful

The woman always acts high and mighty and nobody likes her.

act one's age

- to behave as a mature person, to behave equal to one's age

My friend never acts her age in public.

act up

- to misbehave

The children began to act up during the field trip.

add fuel to the fire

- to make a problem worse, to make an angry person more angry

The company added fuel to the fire when they criticized the workers.

add insult to injury

- to make a person who already feels bad to feel worse, to make a bad situation worse

Our boss added insult to injury when she refused to let us use the Internet during lunch.

add up

- to total up to a certain amount

I will add up the money that I owe to my father and give it to him.

add up (to something)

- to mean something, to result in something

The things that my friend said about his boss do not add up to anything.

advise (someone) against (something)

- to suggest that something should not be done

I advised my friend not to swim in the river.

afraid of one's own shadow

- to be easily frightened

The small dog is afraid of his own shadow.