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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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Idiom Quizzes
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱:٠٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/۱٠/۱

Choose an idiom

The man is (not very good) when he tries to repair something in his house.

(a) all thumbs (b) about time (c) all ears (d) an arm and a leg

The boy was (all ready to) leave the house when his friend arrived.

(a) at ease to (b) about to (c) at heart to (d) at loggerheads to

The teacher said the little boy was (her favorite).

(a) the apple of her eye (b) above suspicion (c) at sixes and sevens (d) as good as his word

(Without warning) it began to rain.

(a) All day long (b) All of a sudden (c) At every turn (d) At the crack of dawn

The car cost the woman (a very large amount of money).

(a) arm in arm (b) across the board (c) the apple of her eye (d) an arm and a leg


The boy's mother is always (available).

(a) at the top of the hour (b) at large (c) at the end of her rope (d) at his beck and call

"Okay, I`m (listening). Please continue with your story."

(a) all ears (b) at hand (c) at the top of my lungs (d) at loose ends

I do not think that the girl is (to blame) for breaking the computer.

(a) at risk (b) at fault (c) at peace (d) ahead of the game

My grandfather is (very forgetful) and often loses his glasses.

(a) absent-minded (b) alive and kicking (c) all in (d) ahead of his time

The man is often (fighting) with his boss about something.

(a) at sea (b) asleep at the switch (c) at odds (d) at heart

(Usually) I go jogging before breakfast every Sunday.

(a) At random (b) As a last resort (c) At the appointed time (d) As a rule


We (followed) the rules when we applied for the housing loan.

(a) added up (b) allowed for (c) acquired a taste for (d) abided by

The painter completed the job (in a barely adequate manner).

(a) all in a days work (b) after a fashion (c) after the fact (d) after hours

I made (a big effort) to finish the science project on time.

(a) an all-out-effort (b) an avenue of escape (c) an all-right-effort (d) an acid test

The family was (ready) to begin their holiday when their car had a problem.

(a) all the rage (b) all over the place (c) all set (d) all sweetness and light

(By chance) I met my friend just after I lost my wallet and my money.

(a) As a matter of fact (b) As far as possible (c) Around the clock (d) As luck would have it

(At the last possible moment) the woman was able to get enough money to go on the trip.

(a) At the eleventh hour (b) At the present time (c) At the bottom of the hour (d) At this stage of the game

We go to an Italian restaurant (occasionally) but not very often.

(a) at the end of the day (b) at times (c) at length (d) at will

The computer programmer sometimes works for twenty hours (continuously) to finish a job.

(a) at once (b) at least (c) at a stretch (d) at one sitting

The furniture arrived (without damage) after moving across the country.

(a) all systems go (b) against the clock (c) after all was said and done (d) all in one piece

We arrived at the concert (early) so that we could get good seats.

(a) as usual (b) ahead of time (c) at first (d) all at once

The students began to (misbehave) when the teacher left the room.

(a) act up (b) act their ages (c) act high and mighty (d) add fuel to the fire

When the meeting started everybody began to (complain).

(a) appear out of nowhere (b) ask for the moon (c) air their grievances (d) add insult to injury

We decided to continue with our plans (no matter what).

(a) according to Hoyle (b) at all costs (c) at cross-purposes (d) at any rate

The workers made an effort that was (more than required) to finish the project.

(a) all to the good (b) at last (c) at their earliest convenience (d) above and beyond what was required

There were (all types of people) at the concert.

(a) any number of people (b) all manner of people (c) at this juncture many people (d) at face value many people

The man was arrested by the police for (violently attacking someone).

(a) assault and battery (b) being armed and dangerous (c) being armed to the teeth (d) being afraid of his own shadow


(Including everyone) there were one hundred people at the meeting.

(a) All along (b) All the time (c) All told (d) As the crow flies

We spent much time (taking care of) the children whose parents were working.

(a) advising against (b) along with (c) attending to (d) answering to

There was much money (at risk) when the company bid on the new contract.

(a) at the drop of a hat (b) at stake (c) able to breathe easily again (d) at the latest