Fill in the blanks with the given words. There is one extra word. (4 points)



prevent – protect - efficiently -  prediction – emphasis - shake – permission –

emergency - crossing



1.      Earthquake ………………. Is a future possibility.      

2.      The car suddenly stopped and the whole engine started to ............. .                

3.      When you do something ………........ you do it well and with no waste of time, money, or energy.

4.      Some habits like ...... your arms, when giving a speech, might have a bad effect on the audience.

5.      Did he change the volume of his voice for ………..?

6.      Wear a hat to ……….. your head against the sun.

7.      In a(n) ................ case, you should break the window with this hammer.

8.      You’ll never leave without ………………… .


B. Complete the following sentences by unscrambled the words in parentheses. (2 points)


9.         You can control your (sssnneeoruv) …………..… if you breathe deeply several times.

10.     In my first class I will ........ (ecrouitdn) some of the topics we will be studying this year.

11.     Some of the plants are in danger of ............ (xttiinnoce).

12.     Aerobic exercise makes your ......... (ssuclme) strong.


C. Functions: Complete the following sentences with your own words. (2 points)


13.     Aerobics ………… a word for needing oxygen. (defining)

14.     We decided to go to the restaurant …………… we had no food at home. (explaining)

15.     …………… your audience by asking questions, talking to them directly, and getting them interested. (instructing)

16.     Climate ……………to the average of a region’s weather over a period of time. (defining)


D. Match column A with B. There is an extra item in column B. (3 points)






17. save


a) move sth up and down, ...

18. ignore


b) physical harm to sth

19. rattle


c) move sth with a sound

20. gesture


d) not to pay attention to sb or sth

21. effective


e) meaningful body movements

22. damage


f) having the wanted result



g) not waste


E. Select the best choice: 1, 2, 3, or 4. (6.5 points)

23.     Anyone .......... that wire will get an electric shock.

      1) touched                       2) touching                       3) who touch                             4) who touching

24.     Most of the suggestions .............. at the meeting were not very practical.

1) which made          2) which are making          3) made                                    4)  making

25.     Put feeling and energy into your voice ………….. .

1) by practice                                                     2) by practicing                       

3) to practice                                                    4) to practicing

26.     When I had to make an emergency phone call, Mr.Zahiri let me ............. his phone.

1) using                                    2) used             3) uses                         4) use

27.     He's made ............. part in artistic activities.

1) taking                                   2) takes                        3) take                                      4) to take

28.  There may be ……………little animals that you can’t see them with naked eyes.

      1) such                            2) enough                        3) too                                       4) so

29.  "Bob is too excited to think wisely." This sentence means Bob .......... .

       1) isn’t very excited, then he can think wisely.

       2) could think wisely, so he was very excited.

       3) was very excited, so he couldn't think wisely.

       4) is very excited, then he can’t think wisely.

30.  Oh, it was boring. She continued for .............. long time that people began to fall asleep.

      1) such                            2) enough                        3) such a                                  4) so

31.  A: Stand on a chair and fix the lamp, please.            

      B: You’re right, I'm .......... to reach the ceiling

      1) so short                       2) tall enough                   3) too short                                4) such tall


32.  There isn’t ………………for us to take the photographs.

      1) too light                       2) enough light                 3) light enough                          4) so light

33.  You can't lie in the back seat, Tom. You're taking .......... room.

      1) too much                     2) so many                       3) such a                                  4) enough

34.     He said,".......... one is young or old, he should exercise regularly."

      1) whether                       2) since                           3) when                                    4) as

35.     Mary was cutting the birthday cake ………… we arrived at the party.

      1) as                                2) since                           3) when                                    4) whether



Reading Comprehension


F. Cloze Passage (2.5 points)

      Earthquake is a shaking, rolling, or sudden shock of the earth's surface. Most of the earthquakes   36   beneath the surface of the sea. Few of these cause any     37. But earthquakes that occur near large cities cause a lot of loss of life, especially if the cities rest on   38   ground. The strength of an earthquake is  39   on a scale of numbers   40   the Richter scale.


36.        1) get out                    2) pull out                        3) take place                    4) come over

37.        1) storage                    2) shortage                      3) message                      4) damage

38.        1) soft                         2) chief                            3) steep                           4) mild

39.        1) constructed             2) measured                     3) radiated                       4) registered

40.        1) found                      2) tried                            3) called                          4) located



G. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. (2.5 points)

      There are five billion people in the world and they live in different corners of it. They live on the snow and ice and also in the tropical jungles. They have climbed the highest mountains, walked on the sea bed and even visited the moon. Man is more than other animals in number and also the most powerful of all of them on earth. However, in many ways animals can do things better than we can. Some of them can smell, hear, and see better than us. Birds can fly thousands of miles away and return to the same place every year. However, there is one thing above all that makes people and animals different. People love to talk - talk - talk.  We are great talkers. We can send messages in so many ways. Most important of all we can write, so we can send messages through time. We have an understanding of past and future, not just present.


41.     Human beings and animals are mainly different because humans can .................... .

      1) do everything better than animals                         2) live in very cold and very hot places

      3) fly to very high and far places                              4) send messages in different ways



42.     To be able "to send messages through time" means to have the ability to ................ .

      1) talk about past, present, and future                       2) speak to both humans and animals

      3) speak about time                                                 4) send messages in different ways


43.     The word "them" in line 5 refers to ............................ .

      1) humans and animals     2) many ways

      3) animals in the world      4) corners of the earth

44.     Some animals are better than humans in ......................................... .

      1) finding good ways for talking                                2) living on the earth

      3) using their nose, ears and eyes                             4) flying to distant places

45.     Man can send message through time because he can ................................... .

      1) be a great talker                                                  2) write his ideas

      3) understand everything   4) speak about different things


H. Put the following sentences in order and make a meaningful paragraph. Show the correct order with letters A-E in each parenthesis. (2.5 points)

46.      (        ) They fear this even more than death.         

47.     (         ) Learn to control it.

48.     (         ) Everyone has a certain amount of anxiety when talking to a group.  

49.     (         ) Most people are afraid of speaking in public.            

50.     (         ) But the point is not to end anxiety.

I. Read the following article quickly and match each paragraph with one of the headings on the right. (2.5 points)



51.     The child in the hospital bed was just waking up after having his tonsils taken out. His throat hurt, and he was scared. However, the young nurse standing by his bed smiled so cheerfully that the little boy smiled back. He forgot to be afraid. The young nurse was May Paxton and she was deaf.

a) getting familiar with a good friend

52.     May Paxton graduated from the Missouri School for the Deaf at Fulton near the year 1909. Three years later she went to see Dr. Katherine B. Richardson about becoming a nurse. Dr. Richardson was one of the founders of Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, Missouri. She had never heard of a deaf nurse. Dr. Richardson told May that her salary would be very small and that the work would be arduous. However, May said that hard work did not frighten her. Dr. Richardson was impressed with her, and accepted May as a student nurse.

b) starting a job

53.     Dr. Richardson never regretted her decision. In fact, she was so pleased with May's work that she later accepted two other deaf women as student nurses. The first was Miss Marian Finch of Aberdeen, South Dakota, who was hard of hearing. The second was Miss Lillie "Bessie" Speaker of St. Joseph, Missouri. These three were called "the silent angels of Mercy Hospital" during the time they worked there.      

c) The effect of kindness

54.     May and Marian did not know each other before Marian was hired by the hospital. When Marian first came to the hospital, Dr. Richardson introduced May to Marian. She showed them to the room they were to share. During the next two days, the two girls wrote notes to each other. Finally, other nurses asked Marian if she knew that May was deaf. Marian ran to the bedroom and asked May in sign if she really was deaf. May answered in sign. Then, as the joke sunk in, the two girls burst into laughter.

d) The influence on others’ decisions

55.     May was always conscientious about following orders. Only once did she disobey Dr. Richardson. It took a lot of time to care for all the sick children, as a result, Dr. Richardson asked the nurses not to take the time to hold the new babies when they were crying. However, May hated to see the babies cry. When Dr. Richardson was not around, she found time to hold them. This small change helped the nursery to run much more smoothly. When Dr. Richardson discovered what May was doing, she recognized that May's actions had improved the nursery, and decided to overlook May's disobedience.

e) believing in others

56.     Dr. Richardson often spoke of her faith in the girls' ability to learn nursing. She wrote to May, "For three years, you have been with us ... It is wonderful to me that no man, woman or child ever, to my knowledge, made a complaint against you ... "

f) The results of ignoring others’ faults


J. Now read the above article quickly again and decide whether the following statements are True (T), false (F) or not mentioned (N). (2.5 points)


57.     (       ) May was an honest and hardworking nurse.

58.     (       ) Dr. Richardson asked the nurses never pay attention to the new babies.

59.     (       ) Marian and Bessie were hired by the hospital after May at the same time.

60.     (       ) May had a good impression on Dr. Richardson.

61.     (       ) Because of May’s actions, Dr. Richardson and others nurses left the nursery.