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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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نامه ای به جناب آقای اوباما
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ٢:٢٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٧/۸


In the Name of Allah


Dear Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America


Greetings! It is my religious and human duty to warn you against a great historical fault, which may occur, and that is the vetoing of establishment of an independent Palestinian state bid.


Based on my recognition of the conditions in the United States, it is quite probable that your selection in the next U.S. presidential elections would depend upon the vetoing of this bid. However, there is something more important than your being elected as the next U.S. president and that is observing the rights of the oppressed Palestinians. Islam and other heavenly religions have always recommended defending the oppressed people –from any religion or nation.


Imagine the year 2017 when another round of U.S. presidency wouldbe finished and you would have been U.S. president for one or two terms. Then the honor of your sacrifice and support of the oppressed Palestinian people, whose rights have been violated, would be comparable with the honor of no presidency. Such an honor would remain for you, your progeny, and the American nation, just as in the year 1995 when the U.S. intervened in Bosnian war to prevent Muslims’ massacre. The world Muslims would never forget that rational act.


Your famous speech in Cairo University in support of Islam and the Muslims brought an honor for you and the American nation in the Muslim world. Nevertheless, U.S. probable vetoing of the mentioned bid would create destructive irreparable effects in the Muslim world. It would also cause inhumane violent action of radical groups and probably justify it.


The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) stated, "Your Lord will bring about opportunities for you in your life time; so beware and grasp those opportunities!" The great Iranian poet, Molawi, has composed this theme in the following lines, "گفت پیغمبر که نفحت های حق / اندرین ایام می آرد سبق / گوش و هش دارید این ایام را / در ربایید این چنین نفحات را"


My father, the late Ayatollah Al-Ozma Montazeri, considered defending the rights of humans and the oppressed people –from any race and religion–obligatory. He sacrificed his worldly opportunities and positions for the same purpose and paid great costs. However, his good reputation remained in the history.


I insistently attract your due attention to this issue. Thank you.


7/7/1390 (9/29/2011)