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Website Value Calculator جمله های شرطی - آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

بانک سوالات دبیرستان و پیش دانشگاهی . مکالمه . مقالات . آپدیت روزانه Nod 32

جمله های شرطی
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ٢:۳۱ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٦/۱٦


   1-We …….the north of Iran if we had a long summer vacation this year.

1) will visit              2) would visit                 3) will have              4) would have visited

   2- What would Reza have said if you …….him the same question?

1) asked                                    2) had asked                 3) were asked   4) would ask

   3- We … the dark if she puts out the light.

1)have been                  2) had been                               3) will be                       4) would be

4- If you …..studying harder , you will fail the final exam.

1) are not started           2) do not start                3) start              4) were started

   5- I will write a letter tomorrow if ……tired.

1) wouldn’t be               2) I weren’t                              3) I won’t be     4) I’m not

  6- If he has already turned the heat on, the room ……warm .

1) must be                     2) was                          3) were                         4) would be

  7- She will be killed if she ……..near that dangerous snake.

1) got                            2) get                                        3) has gotten     4) gets

  8- I may go to Tehran tomorrow. It means :………… .

1)     if I go to Tehran tomorrow , I will buy you the book

2)    if I will go , I’ll buy you the book

3)    if I went, I would buy you the book

4)    if I had gone, I would have bought you the book

    9- If those students……..good grades , they will have to repeat the course.

1) receive         2) have received            3) do not receive                       4)are not received

  10- If you ……..up, you will arrive late.

1) didn’t hurry               2) don’t hurry                3) won’t hurry               4) hurry

   11- Would you mind if I ……..the children to the park?

1) taking                                   2) take                          3) took                          4) have taken

   12- Give your sister this message. If I …….her I will.

1)will see                      2) see               3) am seeing                 4) saw

13- You ……your back if you lift up that chair alone.

1) will break                  2) would break  3) breaking                                4) breaks

  14- You cannot see an image if it ……..the blind spots of your eyes.

1)falls on               2) fell on                       3) have fallen on                        4) is fallen on

  15- He will pass the exam if he ……hard.

1) would         2) studied          3) studies         4) had studied

  16- The students will play tennis unless it rains.

1) If it rains , they will play tennis.                      2) If it doesn’t rain, they will play tennis.

3) They won’t play tennis until it rains.    4) They won’t play tennis if it doesn’t rain.

  17- If he were here now, what………?

1) do you do                  2) would you do                         3) will you do                4) you would do

18- Plants ……if you don’t water them regularly

1) will die                      2) die                                        3) shall die                      4) can die

19- If you heat metal , it ……..

1) expand                      2) will expand                3) expands                     4) may expand

  20- Your father ……surprised if you did such a thing.

1) had been                   2) will be                                   3) was                4) would be

  21- She wouldn’t take the medicine if it ….good for her.

1) had been                   2) weren’t                                 3) isn’t               4) hasn’t been

22- If he took regular exercises, he ……so much weight.

1) will not put on                        2) wouldn’t put on

3) won’t be putting on                4) have taken on

23- If I had lost my eyeglasses, I wouldn’t … to read.

1) be                             2) been                         3) have been                 4) had been

  24- Tomorrow you have a class , so you can’t go swimming. If I …….

1)   didn’t have a class , I would go swimming

2)    don’t have a class, I will go swimming

3)     hadn’t had a class, I would have gone swimming

4)     haven’t had a class, I go swimming.

25- If you had told me the truth, I …

1) won’t punish                                     2) haven’t punished

3) wouldn’t punish                     4) wouldn’t have punished

26-That man over there is from America no one understands him well. If I ……..English , I ……to him.

1) know- will talk                                               2) knew – would talk

3) had known – would have talked                      4) have known – talked

  27- “Why didn’t you lend Ali any money ?”

“If I  ………..enough money ,I ………him some.”

1) have – will lend                                 2) had – would lend

3) had had – would lend                         4) had had – would have lend

   28-If I ……my bag, I would have enough money to buy a bicycle for my son.

1) hadn’t lost                 2) don’t lose                  3)haven’t lost    4) didn’t lose

29- The puzzle was much too confusing for the child to solve, if it………

1) was easier ,he would solve it                          2) were easier, he would solve it

3) is easier, he will solve it                                  4) had been easier, he’d have solved it

  30- Mary and Jack ……to the meeting if their father let them.

1) had come                  2)have come                 3) will come                  4) would come

   31- If your father let you buy whatever you need, what …….you buy?

1) did                            2) do                                         3) would                 4) will

    32- I’m sure the letter won’t arrive in time unless it……by air.

1) will be sent                2) sends                            3) is sent                       4) has sent

33- If he …….late, give him this message.

1) were coming                         2) would come              3) had come      4) should come

  34- Ann……..longer, if her mother had let her.

1) would stay                                        2) would have stayed

3) was staying                                       4) had stayed

  35- Had the bus been late, she …….the train.

1) had missed                                        2) missed

3) would have missed                            4) would miss

  36- He ……it if you asked him soon.

1) was doing                 2) might have done            3) might do           4) had done


37- A: “It’s too late, I must be there at 7:30.”

      B: “If I had known you wanted to get up early, I …….you up.”

1) would wake                          2) would have woken

3) had woken                            4) have woken

38- I’d have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I ……..your address.

1) had had                     2) have had                               3) should have               4) would have

  39- Your brother didn’t come to our house because he wasn’t invited.

1) If he were invited , he would come.    2) If he was invited ,he would come .

3) If he is invited , he will come.              4) If he had been invited, he would have come.

  40- I’d have certainly helped if I ……….the least information about it.

1) had had                     2) have had                   3) would have               4) would have had

  41- “Do you think I can pass the exam?” “Unless you study harder , you ……..”

1) fail                            2) have failed                3) will fail                      4) would fail

  42-Since you didn’t study hard enough you couldn’t pass the exam. If you….,you …………..the exam.

1)    studied harder, wouldn’t fail

2)  had studied harder, wouldn’t have failed

3)    study hard, don’t fail

4)    study hard , may fail

  43- I ……..the toy if the shopkeeper hadn’t charged me so much money

1) would buy                             2) would have bought

3) will have bought                    4) will buy

  44-If you were rich, you would help the poor and the needy, ……you?

1) were                                     2) weren’t                     3) would             4) wouldn’t

  45- You’d better see a doctor if you don’t feel well, …….you?

1) had                           2) hadn’t                       3) would                       4) wouldn’t

  46- “How do you like living in this village?”

      “ One …….sick here unless he is very careful about his food”

1) gets                          2) got                3) will get                      4) would get

   47- Father won’t wake Maryam up because it is too early.

1)  If it is not early, he will wake her up .

2)  If it will not be early, he wakes her up.

3)   If it weren’t early, he would wake her up .

4)    If it had not been early, he would have woken her up.

  48- If his parents had been invited, they …..come to our house.

1) would                       2) would have               3) will               4) will have

  49- Hossein ………you some advice if you had told him about your problem

1) can give                    2) gives            3) could have given                    4)had given

50- My uncle would be able to help you if he ……here.

1) had been                   2) has been                   3) was              4) were