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افعال کمکی و ناقص
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱٢:۳٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٥/٢٥

افعال کمکی و ناقص

n                   1-He must …..his homework now.

1) do                 2) does                 3) doing                        4) did

n                   2- One can ….easily in such weather.

1)catching cold              2) caught cold   3)catch cold      4) to catch cold

n                   3-Monkeys are called farmhand because they ...pick coconuts from the top of tall trees.

1) should                                   2) must                         3) have to                     4) can

n                   4- My shirts are nice and clean. My mother…and pressed them.

1) must wash                                        2) must have washed

3) should have washed               4) should wash

n                   5- She ……have stayed with her sister but she didn’t.

1)would                                    2) might                        3) must                         4) could

n                   6- He think I ….have given him every bit of information about the examination but I didn’t.

1) must                                     2) would                       3) ought                        4) should

n                   7- Children played all the afternoon. They must …….tired and hungry.

1) be                             2) being                        3) had been                   4) have been

n                   8- He….wash his car alone because nobody helped him.

1)has to                                    2) had to                       3) must                         4) should

n                   9- When they were in Japan, they……..speak either Japanese or English.

1) had to                                   2) have to                     3) must                         4) should

n                   10- “Would you like to visit my parents to night?”   “Gerianly, but I ..not be able to.”

1) can                           2) could                        3) might                        4) must

n                   11- You…..know where you are going.

1) can                           2) might                        3) could                        4) should

n                   12- The line is busy, someone ……be using the telephone.

1) can                           2) must                         3) ought to                    4) should

n                   13- Henry……so much

1) ought to not smoke                            2) ought not smoke

3) ought not to smoke                            4) ought not to smoking

n                   14- People ……obey the traffic lights.

1) can               2) could                        3) must                         4) would

n                   15- There will be a test on this book tomorrow. Therefore I ….read it carefully.

1) can               2) should                       3) might                        4) must

n                   16- The host was rich and ……more and better food for the guest , but he didn’t.

1) could prepare                                    2) could have prepared

3) must have prepared                           4) must prepare

n                   17- George went to work in his own car this morning. So his car……down last night.

1) can’t break                           2) can’t have broken                 

3) shouldn’t break                      4) shouldn’t have broken

n                   18- Your friend Ali knew everything about our decision. He …..to our conversation.

1) should listen                                      2) must listen

3) should have listened                           4) must have listened

n                   19- None of the students were prepared for comprehension question. They ……read the lesson the night before.

1) could                                    2) might have                3) would                       4) should have

n                   20- Jack had a car accident last night, he……have been driving carelessly.

1) could                                    2) must                                     3) should                       4) would

n                   21- Ahmad had a terrible car accident on the way to his work. He …….at a high speed.

1) might be drive                                   2)might be driving

3) might have been driven                      4) might have been driving

n                   22- Every thing outside is frozen.

      It ……very cold last night then.

1) must be         2) must have been                     3) should be                  4) should have been

n                   23- Do you think he had the ability to win the game?

Yes , I am certain he…….have done it.

1) might                                    2)would                        3) must                         4) could

n                   24- They ……there three years ago.

1)must have gone                      2) must go

3) must gone                             4) must be going

n                   25- Steve didn’t go to work in his car.

His car …..have broken down.

1) must                                     2) would                       3) should                       4) could

n                   26- After the accident the little boy was immediately taken.

to hospital. He …….seriously injured.

1) must be                                 2) should be

3) should have been                   4) must have been

n                   27- “Where is my umbrella? I had it when I went into the bus.”  “Yes , you …it in the bus.”

1) must have left                       2) must leave    3) could have left                       4) could have

n                   28- Your eyes are red you …..be catching a cold.

1) can                           2) should                       3) must                         4) will

n                   29- Many of the trees are broken, there …a storm last night.

1) must have been                                 2) must be

3) should be                                          4) should have been

n                   30- I sent a telegram to our uncle a few days ago.

       He ……have received it by now.

1) could                                    2) must                         3) should                       4) would

n                   31- When I woke up this morning the light was on. Someone….have forgotten to turn it off

1) could                                    2) must                         3) should                       4) would

n                   32- This wall is too weak, it…..

1) had been strengthened                                   2) may have been made stronger

3) should be made stronger                                4) was being strengthened

n                   33- I could not solve the problems. You ……..have studied the lesson first.

1) can                           2) ought                        3) should                       4) would

n                   34- I don’t know what happened. He ….have been here by now.

1) ought                                    2) might                        3) should                       4) would

n                   35- Why didn’t you let her buy what she wanted?

You ……her like a child yesterday.

1) shouldn’t treat                                   2) mustn’t have treated

3) shouldn’t have treated                        4) mustn’t treat

n                   36- You ……me that he was deaf, but you didn’t .

1) had told                     2) should tell                  3) should have told         4) might not tell

n                   37- “My Goodness, I feel sick again.”  “You ……have eaten so much food.”

1) couldn’t                    2) may not                                3) shouldn’t                               4) might not

n                   38- Why didn’t you take the university Entrance Examination?

You …..have passed it easily.

1) could                                    2) must                                     3) should                       4) would

n                   39- I .. at the palace hotel when I was in Ahwaz, but I stayed at the Grand hotel.

1) could stay                                         2) must stay

3) could have stayed                              4) must have stayed

n                   40- Why did you leave the door of  the house open last night? Somebody…..

1) must have come                                2) must come

3) could have come                               4) come

n                   41- I don’t exactly know where I put my bag. I ….have left it in the classroom or somewhere else.

1) must                                     2) might                                    3) should                       4) would

n                   42- He ……sent a message, but he didn’t.

1) is                              2) has                           3) could have                4) had

n                   43- “I can’t find my key. It was in my pocket a few minutes ago.”  “You…….it on the way.” 

1) might have lost                                  2) should lose

3) might lose                                         4) should have lost

n                   44- “The luggage was too heavy. I almost died.”  “You ……a telephone taxi. There are plenty of them.”

1) could have taken                               2) could take

3) couldn’t take                                                 4) couldn’t have taken

n                   45- “Why is the light in John’s room on?”  “He …….have got up to take the medicine.”

1) might                        2) must                         3) should                       4) could

n                   46- Ali had his lights on at one o’clock in the morning.

He ……for the university examination.

1) might be preparing                                         2) might be prepared .

3) might have prepared                          4) might have been preparing

n                   47- The buses were over crowded, so I ……take a taxi to go home.

1) had to                                   2) have to                     3) must                         4) should

n                   48- I ……the letter last week ,but it didn’t arrive.

1) must have received                            2) ought to have received

3) may to have received                         4) will have received

n                   49- You had sufficient money and …….an expensive watch. Why did you buy a cheap one?

1) could have bought                              2) could buy

3) must buy                                           4) must have bought

n                   50- My brother ….at work at nine o’clock, but he hasn’t come yet.

1) should have been                   2) must be          3) ought be      4) has to be