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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

بانک سوالات دبیرستان و پیش دانشگاهی . مکالمه . مقالات . آپدیت روزانه Nod 32

GMAT Vocabulary List
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ٦:۳٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٤/٢۸

GMAT Vocabulary List



(v.) solemnly ordered

The jurors were adjured by the judge to make a fair decision.


(adj.) expert or skillful

The repair was not difficult for the adroit craftsman.

The driver's adroit driving avoided a serious accident.


(n.) praise in excess

The adulation was in response to the heroic feat.

The adulation given to the movie star was sickening.


(v.) to corrupt, debase, or make impure

The dumping of chemicals will adulterate the pureness of the lake.


(n.) an enemy; foe

The peace treaty united two countries that were historically great



(adj.) negative; hostile; antagonistic; inimical

Contrary to the ski resort's expectations, the warm weather generated

adverse conditions for a profitable weekend.


(v.; n.) to plead in favor of; supporter; defender

Amnesty International advocates the cause for human rights.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great advocate of civil rights.


(adj.) of beauty; pertaining to taste in art and beauty

She found that her aesthetic sense and that of the artist were at odds.

His review made one wonder what kind of aesthetic taste the critic had.


(adj.) friendly; amiable; good-natured

Her affable puppy loved to play with children.


(v.) to connect or associate with; to accept as a member

The hiking club affiliated with the bird-watching club.


(n.) a connection; similarity of structure

There is a strong emotional affinity between the two siblings.

It turns out that the elements bear a strong affinity to each other.


(v.) to make more powerful

The king wanted to aggrandize himself and his kingdom.


(adj.) astonished; amazed; horrified; terrified; appalled

Stockholders were aghast at the company's revelation.

The landlord was aghast at his water bill.


(adj.) of the land

Many agrarian people are poor.


(n.) eager readiness or speed

The manager was so impressed by the worker's alacrity; he suggested a


On the first day of her new job, the recent college graduate was able to

leave early after completing all of her tasks with alacrity.


(n.) a person who studies chemistry

The alchemist's laboratory was full of bottles and tubes of strange

looking liquids.


(n.) any mysterious change of substance or nature

The magician used alchemy to change the powder into a liquid


(n.) a symbolic description

The book contained many allegories on Russian history.


(v.) to lessen or make easier

The airport's monorail alleviates vehicular traffic.


(v.) set aside; designate; assign

There have been front row seats allocated to the performer's family.

The farmer allocated three acres of his fields to corn.


(v.) to refer indirectly to something

The story alludes to part of the author's life.

Without stating that the defendant was an ex-convict, the prosecutor

alluded to the fact by mentioning his length of unemployment.


(v.; n.) to attract; entice; attraction; temptation; glamour

The romantic young man allured the beautiful woman by preparing a

wonderful dinner.

Singapore's allure is its bustling economy.


(n.) an indirect reference (often literary); a hint

The mention of the pet snake was an allusion to the man's sneaky ways.

In modern plays allusions are often made to ancient drama.


(adj.) distant in interest; reserved; cool

Even though the new coworker was aloof, we attempted to be friendly.

The calm defendant remained aloof when he was wrongly accused of

fabricating his story.


(n.) controversy; dispute

A serious altercation caused the marriage to end in a bitter divorce.


(n.) unselfish devotion to the welfare of others

After the organization aided the catastrophe victims, it was given an

award for altruism.

She displayed such altruism by giving up all of her belongings and joining

a peace corps in Africa.


(adj.) unselfish

The altruistic volunteer donated much time and energy in an effort to

raise funds for the children's hospital.


(n.) a mixture or combination (often of metals)

The art display was an amalgam of modern and traditional pieces.

That ring is made from an amalgam of minerals; if it were pure gold it

would never hold its shape.


(v.) to mix, merge, combine

If the economy does not grow, the business may need to amalgamate

with a rival company.

The three presidents decided to amalgamate their businesses to build

one strong company.


(v.) to collect together; accumulate

Over the years the sailor has amassed many replicas of boats.

The women amassed a huge collection of priceless diamonds and pearls.


(adj.) not clear; uncertain; vague

The ambiguous law did not make a clear distinction between the new and

old land boundary.


(adj.) undecided

The ambivalent jury could not reach a unanimous verdict.


(v.) to improve or make better

A consistent routine of exercise has shown to ameliorate health.

We can ameliorate the flooding problem by changing the grading.


(n.) a positive change

The amendment in his ways showed there was still reason for hope.