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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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ABCs and 123s
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ٦:٠٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/۱/۳۱

The ABCs and 123s are the building blocks of English. These include letter and number pronunciation, spelling rules, the parts of English speech, the verb "to be", basic prepositions and the use of A, An and The.

·                        A as in "apple"

·                        B as in "boy"

·                        C as in "car"

·                        D as in "dog"

·                        E as in "ear"

·                        F as in "flag"

·                        G as in "great"

  • H as in "house"
  • I as in "insect"
  • J as in "joy"
  • K as in "kind"
  • L as in "light"
  • M as in "magic"
  • N as in "night"
  • O as in "orchestra"
  • P as in "people"
  • Q as in "question"
  • R as in "red"
  • S as in "sure"
  • T as in "truck"
  • U as in "unique"
  • V as in "video"
  • W as in "wow"
  • X as in "xerox"
  • Y as in "yes"
  • Z as in "zebra