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مقالات انگلیسی
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Do five to ten minutes of listening at least four times a week.

In the past, I decided I needed to get fit and went jogging - usually three or four miles. Well, after not having done anything for many months, those three or four miles really hurt! Needles to say, I did not go jogging for another few months!

Learning to understand spoken English well is very similar. If you decide that you going to work hard and listen for two hours, chances are that you will not do extra listening exercises any time soon. If, on the other hand, you start off slowly and listen often, it will be easier to develop the habit of listening to English on a regular basis.

More on improving your listening skills

Look for situations in which you must speak / read / listen to English

This is probably the most important tip. You need to use English in a "real world" situation. Learning English in a classroom is important, but putting your English knowledge into practice in real situations will improve your fluency in speaking English. If you do not know of any "real life" situation, create new ones for yourself by using the Internet to listen to news, write English responses in forums, exchange emails in English with email pals, etc.



لیست لغات گرامری سری 7




(adj.) not able to be heard

The signals were inaudible when the fans began to cheer.


(adj.) constant and unending

The mother gave in to the child after her incessant crying.

Incessant rain caused the river to flood over its banks.


(adj.) not yet fully formed; rudimentary

The inchoate building appeared as if it would be a fast-food restaurant.

The outline of the thesis was the inchoate form of a very complex



(adj.) extraneous; unexpected

The defense lawyer argued that the whereabouts of the defendant's

sneakers were only incidental to the commission of the crime.


(adj.) getting to the heart of things; to the point

His incisive questioning helped settle the matter quickly.


(adj.) apt to; likely; angled

The man's ear for music indicated he was inclined toward learning an


The hillside was inclined just enough to make for a fairly serious climb.


(adj.) unidentified; disguised; concealed

The federal Witness Protection Program makes its charges permanently



(adj.) illogical; rambling; disjointed

Following the accident, the woman went into shock and became

incoherent as medics struggled to understand her.


(adj.) inconvenient

The incommodious illness caused her to miss an important interview.


(adj.) disagreeing; disharmonious not compatible

Being incompatible with each other, children were assigned to sit on

opposite sides of the room.


(n.) failing to meet necessary requirements

The alleged incompetence of the construction crew would later become

the subject of a class-action suit.


(adj.) not final or of a definite result

The results being inconclusive, the doctors continued to look for a cause

of the illness.


(adj.) not consisting of matter

The apparition appeared to be incorporeal.


(adj.) not capable of correction or improvement

The mischievous boy was an incorrigible practical joker.


(adj.) skeptical

The incredulous look on his face led me to believe he was not convinced

of its importance.

The reporter was incredulous on hearing the computer executive's UFO



(v.) to impress upon the mind, as by insistent urging

I will inculcate the directions if people are unsure of them.


(n.) an entry into, especially when not desired

The incursion by enemy forces left the country shocked.


(adj.) illegible

The scribbling on the paper is indecipherable.


(adj.) that which cannot be blotted out or erased

The photograph of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon made an

indelible impression on all who saw it.


(v.) to insure against or pay for loss or damage

It is important to indemnify your valuables with a reliable insurance



(v.) charge with a crime

The grand jury indicted her and her husband for embezzlement and six

other lesser counts.


(adj.) unconcerned

There he lay, indifferent to all the excitement around him.


(n.) the condition of being poor

The family's indigence was evident by the run-down house they lived in.


(adj.) native to a region; inborn or innate

These plants are indigenous to all of the western states.

Piranha are indigenous to the tropics.


(adj.) expressing anger to an injustice

He was indignant over the way he was treated.


(adj.) lazy; inactive

If we find him goofing off one more time, we won't be able to escape the

fact that he's indolent.

An indolent student slept all day.


(adj.) not easily discouraged or defeated

The underdog candidate had an indomitable spirit.


(adj.) unquestionably; surely

The officer was best indubitably the candidate for captain.


(adj.) lenient; patient; permissive

He has indulgent tendencies to eat chocolate when he is happy.


(adj.) something inevitable

They were prepared for the ineluctable disaster.


(adj.) incompetent; clumsy

She would rather update the budget book herself, since her assistant is

so inept.


(adj.) not reacting chemically; inactive

Inert gases like krypton and argon can enhance window insulation.


(adj.) sure to happen; unavoidable

A confrontation between the disagreeing neighbors seemed inevitable.


(adj.) having a bad reputation; notorious

After producing machines that developed many problems, the production

company became infamous for poor manufacturing.

The infamous gang was known for robbery.


(n.) a bad reputation

The town had only 98 residents, so all it took was one bad apple to bring

infamy on the whole place.


(v.) form an opinion; conclude

From the broad outline he supplied it was easy to infer that the applicant

knew a great deal about trains.


(adj.) clever, resourceful

His ingenious idea made it possible to double production at no extra cost.


(n.) an unworldly young woman

As an ingenue, Corky had no experience outside of her small town.


(adj.) noble; honorable; candid; also naive, simple, artless, without guile

The ingenuous doctor had a great bedside manner, especially when it

came to laying out the full implications of an illness.


(v.) to bring into one's good graces

The man was hoping to ingratiate himself with his wife by buying a

bouquet of flowers and candy.


(n.) ungratefulness

When she failed to send a thank-you card, her friend took it as a sign of

ingratitude .


(adj.) part of the essential character; intrinsic

A constant smile is inherent in pageant competitors.

The inherent desire to do well is present throughout the family.


(adj.) hostile, unfriendly

The chess player directed an inimical stare at his opponent to knock him

off his game.


(adj.) wicked; unjust

The verbal abuse towards the man was truly iniquitous.


(v.; n.) begin; admit into a group; a person who is in the process of being

admitted into a group

He initiated the dinner discussion by asking his father to borrow the car.

As an initiate to the Explorers, George was expected to have a taste for

the outdoor life.


(adj.) natural; inborn

Her talent is wondrous: it hardly matters whether it's innate or acquired.

A lion's hunting skills are innate.


(adj.) harmless; dull; innocent

The remark was rude but innocuous.

He couldn't bear to sit through another innocuous lecture.

The teens engaged in an innocuous game of touch football.


(v.) introduce a change; depart from the old

She innovated a new product for the home construction market.


(n.) an indirect remark; insinuation

The student made an innuendo referring to the professor.

The office was rife with innuendo that a takeover was in the works.


(adj.) eager to ask questions in order to learn

An inquisitive youngster is likely to become a wise adult.


(v.) to work into gradually and indirectly

He will insinuate his need for a vacation by saying how tired he has been