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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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این طرح درس برای یک کلاس معمولی با جمعیت 30 تا35 نفر کاربرد دارد)
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۸:٢۳ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٥/۳/۱۳


In the Name of the Almighty

Lesson Plan

Lesson 2


Farnaz Atghia-ee

Level of Students :


Number of Students:12


Ahmad Abad Deprived Region

Winter 87

In the Name of the Almighty


Lesson Plan 1 Lesson 2 Time: 90 min.

Kimiya Pre-university Number of Students: 12



Goals: Enabling the students to read and understand the first five paragraphs.

Material: pictures, whiteboard, text book, CD, dictionary, notebook

This reading is divided into two parts.

Title: How to Give a Good Speech

Steps Activities Time


- Greeting

- Roll-call 5 min.


- Review of the previous lesson

* Giving a Quiz

1- How can exercise be useful for the body? Give five reasons.

2- 'Aerobic exercise is repetitive.' What does this sentence mean according to paragraph 3?

3- How can exercise make you feel happy?

4- Based on paragraph 4, give an example of easy activities, and one for hard activities that need

strong muscles.

5- Find a word in paragraph 7 that means "to annoy or cause problems for someone."

􀂾Any questions from the previous lesson?

15 min.

2 Pre-reading

Books closed

- Elicit students’ ideas about the pictures, animation, … .

􀂾Look at here. What do you see in this picture?

􀂾Yes, that’s right.

- Use the pre-reading questions for a discussion on “Giving a speech.”

􀂾Is it difficult to stand in front of many people and speak to them?

􀂾Does it make you nervous?

􀂾Why do so many people feel anxious in this situation?

-Ask students to brainstorm on “How to give a good speech”.

-Write students’ ideas on the board.

􀂾So, there are many factors influencing giving a good speech.

10 min.


Books open

- Students listen to the tape to get the gist of idea.

* It helps the students not only to get the gist of idea but also to hear the correct pronunciation

which can prevent fossilization.

- Students read the first paragraph individually. (Silent reading)

* When they find a word they don’t know, they underline it with a straight line. If they think they

know the meaning but are not sure, they underline it with a squiggly line.

- Students sit in small groups and ask each other the meaning of the words they don’t know or

aren’t sure of.

- Help students with any remaining words they don’t know.

* Use the whiteboard, pictures, computer, … .

- Ask one of the students to read the first paragraph aloud.

- Ask the class some detailed comprehension questions.

􀂾Can fear and embarrassment be controlled in public speaking?

􀂾Public speaking is a ……….. .

􀂾How can we learn it?

􀂾How can we make our presentation interesting?

- Repeat the same steps for the following four paragraphs.

* Correction :

Although in different occasions different forms of corrections are needed, totally we can accept this

order: 1. self correction 2. peer correction 3. teacher correction

50 min.


- Ask and repeat the meaning and pronunciation of the new words.

- Ask students a question to discuss in class.

􀂾In what jobs is giving a good speech more important?

7 min.


- Ask the students to read the new vocabularies and write a sentence for each of them on a piece of

paper – using their dictionaries.

- Ask the students to read the paragraphs carefully and write ten questions and give answers.

3 min.

How to give a good speech