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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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طرح درس سوم پیش دانشگاهی
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ٤:۳۸ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٥/۱/٢٧



Lesson Plan 3 Lesson 2 Time: 90min.

Kimiya Pre-university Number of students: 12


Material: Whiteboard, text book, dictionary, notebook,

extra prepared exercises, the prepared table

Reading Skill

Steps Activities Time




5 min.


Review of the previous session.

* Check homework and ask the students to pre sent their summaries.

* Ask questions

1- Is it good to make pauses when you are giving a speech?

2- Name four of the communication power tools.

3- How can you involve your audience?

4- In paragraph 9, find a way how we can reduce our nervousness.

􀂾Any questions from the previous session?

15 min.

- Ask the students to sit in their groups to do exercises one and two of part A on page 15.

- For doing part B the teacher should give the students some explanation.

􀂾Imperatives are often used for giving advice. For instance, "Involve your audience by

asking them some questions" is used to recommend or offer a piece of advice.

-Groups of students have a brief discussion to do the first exercise of part B on page 16 using


- Ask the students to do the second exercise of part B on page 17 as their homework.

25 min.

Reading Skills Word formation

Goal: A way of guessing meaning of some unfamiliar words in passage by

adding derivational affix.

Warm up

- Give some relevant examples.

- Speak topically about word formation which is the creation of new words. There are several

ways of doing this, e.g. the addition of an affix in DERIVATION.

- Ask the students to give some more examples.

5 min.

6 Instruction

- Ask the students to sit in their own groups and use not only their text books but also their

dictionaries to complete the given table.

- Go around the class and give help as needed.

- Ask the students to find such examples through the reading.

20 min.

Checking Students’ Comprehension

-Give the students some multiple choice tests to do.


1. I asked him not to ……. me in his family arguments.

a. add b. involve c. distract

2. The man could not hide his …….. at his children’s rudeness.

a. expression b. projection c. embarrassment

3. Mary was not ……… that her son was having difficulties at school.

a. confident b. firm c. aware

4. We enjoyed every minute of spending our weekend with John, because he has a wonderful sense

of ………. .

a. contact b. humor c. gesture

-Check the answers and explain any probable problems.

15 min.



- Ask the students to copy the word formation table and fill it with other words from the passage

using their dictionaries.

- Ask the students to do the related book exercises on page 18.

- Remember that you should do the second exercise of part B on page 17. 5 min.

Word Parts of speech Formed from Meaning

awareness noun …. (adj) …

emotionless … emotion (n.) …

… noun embarrass (v.) …

involvement noun … (v.) …

… adjective humor (n.) …