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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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Foreign Languages – Open for the World
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The day is cold and gloomy in Stuttgart, Germany as a young German couple gets into their car. They are headed west for a long weekend in Strasbourg, France, which is just across the border from Stuttgart. The drive should take about an hour and a half. The moment they cross the border, the sun finally peeps through the clouds. Any concerns about a foreign language are far from their minds. They decide to stop and have lunch. Once seated, menus are presented. Everything is written in French, but the German couple effortlessly reads the menu and gives their order to the French waitress in fluent French.

In contrast, an American couple is traveling across the border to Montreal and Quebec City in Canada for a week long visit. They are looking forward to soaking up the great cuisine and the history of both cities. French is the predominate language in both cities, but English is also spoken. As they travel around Quebec City, the American couple think how wonderful it would be to speak the French language. It would be good to know a foreign language.

There are numerous reasons why learning a foreign language is important. When traveling to a foreign country, knowing the language makes it easier to navigate around and helps to make your trip more enjoyable. Learning a foreign language helps to improve your cognitive ability. The mind is able to stay sharp. Knowing a foreign language can always increase your chances of getting a jobin America or in a foreign country.


Learning a foreign language helps you navigate in a foreign country, for example read the menu in a restaurant

Prospective college students must have knowledge of a foreign language for entry into college. One of the ways to learn about the people and the culture of a country is to learn the language. For students wanting to study abroad, it would be to their advantage to know the foreign language of the country where they choose to study.

As we look at the acquisition of a foreign language, it is easy to see why Europeans are more multilingual than Americans. Many countries in Europe border each other. America borders only Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

Because of globalization, the world we inhabit is becoming smaller. As time moves on, many of us will only think of learning a new language instead of a foreign language