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Website Value Calculator سوالات درک مطلبی سری دوم کنکوری 25 سوال - آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

بانک سوالات دبیرستان و پیش دانشگاهی . مکالمه . مقالات . آپدیت روزانه Nod 32

سوالات درک مطلبی سری دوم کنکوری 25 سوال
نویسنده : غلامعلی عباسی - ساعت ۱:۳٤ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩۱/٤/۱٥

Comprehension Questions Part 2

  1-“Not one of the 100 passengers was injured in the crash”. It means that ………. .

1) all, but one of the passengers, were injured in the crash.

2)   of the 100 passengers, only one was injured in the crash.

3)   none of the passengers was injured in the crash.

4)  none of the 100 passengers was injured and the plane did not crash.

  2- “Mehdi and Reza have a great many thing in common.” It means …….. .

1)  they do many common things

2)  they are similar in many ways

3) they do many things in a common way

4)  they are the same in every thing they do.

3- Ahmad feed cows and grew wheat and barley to earn his living. He dressed himself as a butcher….

1) Ahmad feed cows with wheat and barley

2)  Ahmad earns his living by selling meat.

3)  Ahmad earns his living by farming and feeding cows

4)   Ahmad dresses himself as a butcher to earn his living.

4- It is necessary to have a doctor’s prescription to get medicines .

1)  A prescription is what a doctor needs for most medicines

2)  It is not required to have a doctor’s prescription

3)  Most medicines can not be bought without a prescription.

4)    Without a prescription you can buy most medicines.

5- In spite of rain, the fireworks display was not cancelled. It means that ……… .

1)  Although it rained, the fireworks display was held

2)  Rain caused the cancellation of the fireworks display.

3)  The fireworks display was not held because it didn’t rain.

4)  The fireworks display was not held because it rained.

  6- Afshin was too young to get married. It means ……… .

1)  Afshin could get married, although he was young.

2)    Afshin was so young that he couldn’t get married

3) Afshin couldn’t get married unless he was so young.

7- “I wish I had never seen them before.”  In this sentence the writer says that…. .

1)  he saw them and now is unhappy

2)  he has seen them and now he is glad

3) he wishes to see them again.

4)  He has never seen them and now he is upset.

8- A-You’ve given me the wrong change.

    B- Oh! ….

1) I do apologize                                    2) that would be nice

3) what a pity                            4) Thanks a lot

 برای هر یک از جاهای خالی شماره‌های 9 تا13 گزینه صحیح را انتخاب کنید؟

Margaret and Edward were going to stay with their aunt who lived in a small house in the country. They ..9.. a train and arrived at the country..10… after a two –hour journey.

Their aunt was ..11.. for them on the platform, with her little dog GYP. They all ..12.. her small car and soon arrived at her ..13.. where they had a lovely two-week holiday.

  9- 1) looked out              2) took off                     3) got on                       4) picked up

10- 1) street                               2) station                       3) stand                        4) stop

11- 1) watching              2) visiting                      3) expecting      4) waiting

12- 1) jumped out                        2) got into                     3) looked for     4) gave in

13- 1) farm                                 2) land              3) country                     4) hill


با توجه به متن زیر پاسخ صحیح سؤالهای14 تا 16 را انتخاب کنید؟

My rich neighbor is always so busy that I can’t see him often. The whole business of his life is to get money. The more money he earns the more he seems to want. He owns a large company and many expensive cars. He has a beautiful garden at the back of his house but I’ve never found him walking around or being happy there. It seems that he likes the fresh air and the beautiful garden flowers but he only passes on beside the flowers and plants without having much feeling for the beauty of nature. I am so tired of having to argue with one who never accepts any other person’s ideas I often tell him that he search for man should think of. He believes that he should do whatever he can something else that his neighbor has mostly involved himself with …..

14- The writer believes that his neighbor has mostly involved himself with….

1) searching for happiness                      2) natural facts

3) his garden flowers                             4) getting money

15- The writer’s neighbor has never found spending sometime in his beautiful garden because he might not….

1) be permitted                          2) be able to see

3) have free time                       4) love his garden

16- We understand from the passage that money….

1) can certainly make a man happy

2) doesn’t necessarily bring happiness

3)   comfort and happiness are  together

4) is something we have to be involved in

برای هر یک از جاهای خالی در متن زیر از شماره‌های 17 تا 21 گزینه درست را انتخاب کنید.

It’s interesting to visit another country, but there are some …17.. when we don’t know the language very well. It may be ..18.. to talk with the people there. We may not know how to ..19.. the telephone in the country we are visiting or how to buy things we require in a ..20.. country we may not know where to eat or what to ..21.. in a restaurant. It’s not pleasant to have an experience like that.

17- 1) answer                 2) problems                   3) programs                  4) questions

18- 1) difficult                 2) different                    3) programs                  4) simple

  19- design                      2) fix                            3) learn                         4) use

20- 1) civilized                2) dependent     3) developed     4) foreign

21- 1) cook                     2) need                         3) order                        4) recall


  22- You need to provide more room for trees to grow bigger. It means ……… .

1) trees grow bigger in a better room.

2)   trees can grow bigger in a wider space.

3)  you need more room for the bigger trees to grow.

4)   you have to provide more rooms to grow bigger trees.


  23- I asked for a cup of tea, but the waiter brought me a piece of cake too. It means.…

1)  I had either a cup of tea or a piece of cake.

2)  i   was given both a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

3)  I asked not only for cup of tea but also for piece of cake

4)   The waiter did not bring me either a piece of cake or a cup of tea.

24- To furnish a house, we need some money. It means ………. .

1)  A house and some money are needed.

2) A house is needed to be furnished.

3) Money is needed for a house.

4)   Money is needed to furnish a house.

25- I can’t remember where I put my watch. As a matter of fact…

1) I have a good memory                       2) I forget things easily

3) I don’t forget things easily      4) I don’t have a bad memory