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آموزش انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم

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Look different during the world's largest football event
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  big wins 2010 World Cup South Africa

Srayran; Jafar Mohammadi - nineteenth course World Cup play, with No. 64 in Zhvhansbvg ended and the Spanish, the most happy people are in July 2010. Spain, however, win the World Cup over and kiss every single one of its players went on, just winning the race was beautiful and Nfsgyr; 2010 World Cup winners South Africa, another that many are missing and their secret little too obvious and front



International Football Federation (FIFA), regardless of which team bowl to take home, all courses ever winner of the World Cup. Estimates indicate that the FIFA competitions during this period profit of 3 billion dollars has.

Sales royalties TV broadcasting games, advertising, commission sponsors, ticket sales contests and dozens of other topics big and small income, after FIFA South Africa FIFA rich before it has. Tournament in South Africa, full of water and bread for the FIFA World Cup period most of so that in comparison with the last Cup, revenue has increased 60 percent.

2. Adidas


German public joint stock company "Adidas," which began its activities in 1948, during the 2010 African Games, an account of work and his business was a coin. The company, the ball games this year that "Jabvlany" was called to produce and sponsor and clothing provider number currently Cup teams including Japan, Germany, Spain and ...

Reports that in just two days leading up to the game, "Germany - Spain" that Adidas clothes Dvtym had produced at least six million euros from the shirts sold by brand Adidas and interesting that 43 percent of Germany's T-shirt and Spain with the brand, particularly in Asia and Southeast Asia was sold!

But Adidas was lucky big win betting on horses and the Spanish national team shirt produced by his company's managers can now on a super sale on shirts and dream of Spain (now a star to show that a times in winning the World Cup as they closed) special account to open an account and to shovel money. Adidas annual income of 12 billion euros would be that every time a million and 370 thousand euros incapacitate!

3. Vvvvzla


Plastic cacophonous trumpet at age 38 invented himself as a wealthy man will be celebrated. "Neil fan Shalkyk" with flower Vvvvzla, fame and wealth stirred during a dialog in response to the turnover of sales from this horn is how, just laugh and said: "I get rich. "

In 2001 his work with 500 Vvvzla production began. A year later a company of ideas and this horn was like 20 thousand samples, and buy it Vvvvzla to Europe, Latin America and Russia was issued during the 2010 World Cup, Africa as a traditional instrument but as plastic is produced to reach an international reputation, although the team players, who complained to Tmrkzshan Vvvvzla nerves and puts together.

Of course, that remain unsaid among Chinese as the representative of the fifth Asia Cup 2010 World Cup were present even in the presence of color were Prsdayy. Chinese water which are also U.S. daily production by 50 thousand Vvvvzlay Plastic Company "Jyyng plastic" and bring them to South Africa, had won another tournament. Vvvvzla boom in recent months at work and plastic industry in China was a coin.

4. South Africa


Name reminiscent of a country that still has years of apartheid Prmhnt 1994, blacks could not vote, less than two decades from the end of apartheid, one of the greatest human events it hosted in black and white and yellow ..
. Of all races and continents, a global competition and revenue paid to fullness the portion economy.

Equipped small gym that had the best of the modern world, this impressive system of order and host of historical, tourist and safe games and ... South Africa will again be subjected to the southern country and continent that was black with the eldest leader was slowly forget them once again brought to Sadr.

Without any doubt, not only freedom and dignity in South Africa even as it hosted Aftkharamyz owes a great man is 27 years of life spent in prison Racists and finally its not just that nation from apartheid Units delivered: Nelson Mandela friend cute.

5. Marine Aquarium in Oberhausen


Since the name of any animal, such as eight feet with the famous German World Cup node was intact. "Bridges" in the Marine Aquarium in Oberhausen lives, often results from the German national team games, including a win against Argentina and defeat against Spain was correctly predicted.

Now stay behind that story is but whatever is, aquarium Avbrhvzn, because Msvvlansh initiative, the more lucrative field of income from the past and it is supposedly better. However, Germans with octopus, shop and market just had its good.

6. Welcome to the players Drkhshydnd


Buy and sell players and pocket the money goes to them, is a direct function of the players in the field show competition, and what better place than the World Cup to "name and bread," to show itself and for the next contracts are more cute?

In this era of competition, players such as Massoud Avzyl, Thomas Mueller, Louis Svarz, Fvrlan Diego, Honda and Smva Kaysvkh ferocious games that did well, many of the famous and wealthy European teams to have attracted Naturally, the next chapters of European leagues, control their contracts with clubs celebrity billion will be "just the Milan team, demanding the Japanese Honda and Real Madrid after the German Muller. Their games, though no water for their country and their team did not champion, but that was their bread!

7. Europe


Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Latin America and Europe, each with nine World Cup Championship, this honor equally between themselves were divided, but in this period, Spain with his hero, the Europe Cup win Result World Cup winners to date, 10 of 9 in favor of change and point the green continent that Europeans, not only as champions of the latter (the Netherlands) and third (Germany) were also allocated to their long-standing rival to the American Latin, despite great as Brazil and Argentina, the code portion and empty-handed, South Africa, South America destined to leave.

8. Spain


Finally, the Spanish national team, won the other tournament that with a combination of tactics and techniques and of course, seasoned with a little luck could be the 2010 World Cup champion and qualified for the first World Cup to take home.

After she wrote:
In time, without a doubt, "with" first won the 2010 World Cup was held the results of polls about the SMS competition, especially through the "One World - One Cup" hundreds of millions of text messages were from people with billions of income, certain SMS in the financial year to compensate!