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اصطلاحات انگلیسی رنگ ها ( 2 )‌

gray Idioms


get/have gray hair


- to have one's hair turn gray from stress


Our teacher is getting gray hair from all the stress.


a gray area


- a question that is not clearly defined and may have a broad or more than one answer, neither black or white


The issue of the tax on children's toys was a gray area for the accountant.


gray matter


- brains, intelligence


I wish that my friend would use his gray matter more effectively when he is making his crazy plans.


Color Idioms


white sale


- the selling of towels or sheets at a reduced price


We went to the white sale at the department store to buy some new sheets.


white-tie event/affair


- an event that requires guests to wear formal dress such as men wearing white bow ties with formal evening dress


I attended a white-tie dinner in honor of the president of our university.


whitewash (something)


- to cover up or gloss over faults/errors/wrongdoing


The government was accused of trying to whitewash the scandal about the illegal money.


with flying colors


- with great or total success


My friend passed the course with flying colors and she now wants to go out and celebrate.




- extremely timid, cowardly


The man is yellow-bellied and is never willing to fight for what is right.